I was recently interviewed by the writer and photographer Colin Pantall about my new photobook Dragons & Snakestones which is about the life and work of the fossils hunter and palaeontologist Mary Anning of Lyme Regis.

The book is currently in crowdfunding, click here to see a film about the project and buy a copy:

When did you get interested in Mary Anning and why?

I first found out who she was in spring 2014 when I was at Lyme Regis for a day out. I was walking on the beach and saw a big group of people all looking at the floor which made me curious. I spoke to some of the people who told me they were on a fossil walk and pointed me towards the group leader. I started asking a few questions…

Jamie Dormer-Durling

Lecturer at UCW, writing about politics, art, photography & culture.

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